As much as I hate to admit it, it’s time to transition our little girl from her crib to a “big girl” bed.  At first I was keeping her in it because I thought she would feel more comfortable after the move but now I’m just getting lazy.  Yes, she can climb in and out of it although chooses mostly not to. She still loves the comfort and security of it so I’m not exactly in a hurry but I know these things take time so I’m starting to plan.  For today I just wanted to share what her room looks like now and the changes I’m thinking of making.






Remember this is the only room we didn’t paint before moving in and I must say, the colors were perfect.  It’s a LARGE room so I have a great space to work with. I still want to keep her room sweet and feminine with more of a boho/chic vibe.  Are you following?! I know me either. Here are some images of what I’m envisioning…


I definitely want to do a focal wall. Whether it’s going to be wallpaper, stencil or something else I’m not quite sure yet.


I love the soft blush color with the gold. Does the rug look familiar? It’s very similar to the one in our living room and don’t put it past me if I get another one for Emersyn’s room. If you want to see more of this gorgeous room or of this designer you must check out


Here is the bed I’m considering.  I like that it’s a full so she can grow and have sleepovers.  I did find a black version on Overstock so it’s TBD on whether or not I find the energy to save money and spray paint it gold.


I also love these hanging chairs. Serena and Lily has them but they are also at Pier One. I think with the amount of space we have, we MAY be able to fit one in!  Sad to imagine this girl in the swing will be her one day in the not so distant future!


And just because I’m on a recent love for flamingos kick, this print somewhere with a gold or black frame.  What do you think of the big girl inspiration room? If you want to see what I’m pinning for her room follow me @aneyeforpretty and check out my board Emme’s Future Room.

Hi everyone! Can’t believe my last blog post was in February. I haven’t just been sitting around eating bon bons, I promise!  Right around the time of my last post we were getting ready to sell our cute little house. If you follow me on Instagram you know how that all went down (sale sign up, a couple hundred showings, sold the next week.) It was a whirlwind to say the least and after a few weeks of looking we found the perfect house for our family’s next stage.  Unfortunately what wasn’t perfect was the timing because we were officially homeless for three months. Luckily, I have the nicest parents on earth and they let us crash their TWO bedroom home for those few months.  It was tight but wonderful all at the same time and I’m thankful we had that time together with them.  Fast forward to now. After packing, unpacking, painting, hanging, moving furniture and a couple of meltdowns it wasn’t fun at times but here we are. Officially moved in and making our new house a home.  I’ll get into more details about how and what we changed, paint colors, new furniture etc. but for today I just wanted to share a few pictures of how the house looks now.  I stress now because you know there will ALWAYS be future projects down the line!





{Living Room}


Need a coffee table!


{Dining Room}


Still waiting for the perfect chairs to come along (or into my budget!)


{Family Room}








{Guest Bedroom/Playroom}

Love the hidden Murphy Bed, more on that soon!


{Carter’s Room}


{Emersyn’s Room}

The only room we didn’t paint (yet!)

That’s the tour for now, we’ve only been here two months and it already feels like home.  Lots of little projects to do but it’s all fun stuff that we’re looking forward to.  On another note, I’m really trying to get serious about this blog thing so be on the lookout for a new look coming soon! I’d love to hear what you think about this house so leave me a comment here or find me @eyeforpretty on Instagram or @aneyeforpretty on Pinterest. Hope everyone is having a great summer and is looking forward to Fall as much as I am!!

But who has the time right?! You do when it’s this easy. There are so many cute ideas floating around out there for DIY Valentines cards.  Some people are so clever I tell ya! And thank goodness they are because this mama is not afraid of being called a copycat.  After all, copying is the greatest form of flattery right? Or is it something else? Anyway, I wanted to share one of the best websites out there for editing your own pictures and creating fun projects. It’s called PicMonkey and for $4.99 a month you can edit like a pro! Well maybe not a pro but you can have fun trying.

Here is the Valentine I made for Carter last year.

carter valentine-001

I just uploaded a picture to the site and added a speech bubble with text. This year I copied from Larissa over at Just Another Day in Paradise.  You should check out her blog!  She has tons of great ideas for crafts, cooking and mommyhood. She did this card for her son last Valentines Day and I couldn’t resist doing one similar!

carter feb 2014 004

I’m going to print them out later today and attach a bag with some Laffy Taffy’s in them. Cute, right? I know I don’t even have the finished project to show you but I couldn’t wait in case you wanted to join Pic Monkey and make your own. There’s still time! Follow me on Instagram @eyeforpretty and I’ll be sure to post how they look finished. Happy Valentines Day lovebugs!

Let me start by saying I am by no means an artist. I don’t buy art, don’t have a lot of it in my house (besides my kids masterpieces) and would never spend a good chunk of money on it. I think it’s pretty, it’s just not my thing. But lately I’ve been wondering if I need a little something in my house. Something besides mirrors and frames and trinkets on my walls.  Specifically something to go over our massive headboard in our bedroom.  I had no idea what I even wanted or where to look.  I take that back, I knew where to look for inspiration. Bet you all know where this is going. So here’s what I saw that I was drawn to…









These all had different things I liked about them.  But what they all had in common was their abstract/impressionist vibe.  Is that a real category all you art lovers?  I contemplated attempting one of these on my own. A canvas, some paint, maybe some gold leaf seems easy enough right?  Not so much. With two busy little ones and our other big project I’m working on=not gonna happen.  Enter my favorite store Homegoods. They had some good choices but only one that really had all the colors I was looking for.  I brought it home just to try with the thought that it would probably go back.  If I’ve learned ANYTHING from my frequent trips to HomeGoods it’s that you should buy it and return it if need be.  Chances are it will be gone the next time you go back! So here she is…


Taupes, metallic, grays yep.

emme loft-art 028

What do you think? It goes with our headboard which is a mushroom brown color and adds a little bit of interest to the boring wall.  For $49.99 I probably couldn’t have even bought the canvas so I feel it’s a win in my book.  Today I’ll hang it and finish up a few other little things in there but our bedroom is finally ALMOST finished! If I have the time one of these days I’d still love to attempt one of the beauties above from Pinterest. Maybe for Emersyn’s big girl room or my office. Do I see an art party in my future?? Who am I?!

I’m excited to be back on the blog sharing one of my best friend’s nursery turned big girl room makeover!  Not only does Megan from Megan Gery Photography have an amazing eye for taking pictures, she also has an amazing eye for decorating and home décor.  I love her style and how she blends old with new, high end pieces (like her daughters bed) with vintage finds and puts it all together with accessories from Home Goods and other bargain stores. Megan isn’t afraid of a little DIY and I think it makes all the difference when personalizing a space. Her home is always warm and inviting and Audrey’s room is a true reflection of Megan’s love for her little lady. Get ready for some pretty eye candy and enjoy this sweet space!


Isn’t this bed gorgeous? The robins egg blue is perfect with the yellow walls.


The bedding is a mix of Pottery Barn Kids and Target.


I love this vintage dresser painted in a mint green. Of course Audrey has the cutest pictures all over her room! Such sweet memories of this precious girl.


This is the wall opposite her bed. Vintage Kids Craft Kitchen, Pottery Barn Banner and my FAVORITE Ikea frame painted by Megan. All paired with the adorable photos of Miss Audrey and the floral “A” which Megan made. Perfection.


This shelf was also a vintage find.  It’s the perfect fit for displaying all of Audrey’s photos and other precious mementos. Check out the picture on top of the shelf. It’s one of my all time favorites and makes me smile! This girl has personality for days!


Floral hooks are a great way to display a collection of headbands.


This butterfly mobile was in Audrey’s nursery and I think it’s so sweet and sentimental of Megan to incorporate butterflies into the design of her new room.


I love the last shot of this book, Just Being Audrey.  I think that pretty much sums up this funny, adorable and sassy spitfire who sure keeps her parents on their toes! This room was definitely designed out of love and will grow with her for years to come.  Makes me want to start Emersyn’s big girl room ASAP!  There are a few other spaces in Megan’s house that I’ve worked with her on and I’ll be sharing them soon. I also have some other big announcements that will be putting the blog on the forefront so hopefully you will be hearing a lot more from me in the near future!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year and I couldn’t be more excited to decorate.  I like to keep our house pretty natural and classic for Christmas by using a lot of greens, burlap and sparkle.  At times I feel it’s a little boring, especially since I have two little kids but I just couldn’t bring myself to throw up the rainbow colored lights yet.  Maybe next year! I did however decorate Carter’s room with lots of red and his little tree has all our “fun” and special ornaments.  He even has a train around it.  There. I just made myself feel better. A little!  One of my greatest finds this year were the real boxwood wreaths I scored at Trader Joe’s.  I went looking for the regular evergreen ones and was just about to check out when I saw a lady in front of me with a boxwood one. The rest I guess was history. I brought back the other ones and seriously debated between buying two or four of the boxwoods.  Did I need four? Of course not! Did I want to hang one in every possible window of my house? Sure. I settled on two which my husband would say was one too many but oh well.  One I grabbed is so large it barely fits on our front door. Gorgeous! Here she is in all her glory.

wreath 021

So pretty. So large. So simple.

wreath 025

Here are my DIY boxwood letters I made for less than three dollars a piece.  I got a strand of garland at Michaels and just clipped and twisted it on to the letter. I hot glued it down and added some ribbon. Not exactly Ballard worthy but they make a nice statement for a fraction of the cost.

Xmas 2013 044

And just because I love boxwoods so much, here are some pretty pictures of what’s inspiring me for next year…

boxwood ballard

{via Ballard Designs}


{source unknown}

boxwood southern living

{via Southern Living}

And since you know I love finding the look for less here is a pretty boxwood wreath I found on Etsy selling for $175.

boxwood etsy

You better believe I am thinking about making some of these to sell next year! So what do you think about boxwoods? Too boring? Or just right?

Hi friends!  You may have forgotten about me, but I haven’t forgotten about you or this little blog here! I’ve run into enough people now that have asked why I haven’t posted so it’s time to get back on the horse! I guess you can call it an early New Year’s resolution. Plus I have so many fun projects coming up I have to share! So for today, just a little update on what I’ve been up to…

One of my favorite holidays has come and gone which is Halloween. I love how excited my kids get and all the fun parties and trick or treating with friends. This year, we went to a super fun block party with a family costume theme.


Luckily my husband and Carter were good sports but as soon as we got in the car to go home Carter said, “YOU are not picking next years costume mommy!” Lol. Then he changed into his cool fighter pilot costume for trick or treating.

We went on a super fun trip to Seattle and found this most amazing home decor store called Watson Kennedy. I was so inspired by all the gorgeous pieces.

photo-6 Thinking I have the perfect person for a wall of book pages.

I worked all month on a client’s craft room for her kiddos. It’s about 95% so I will show you the complete room soon! photo-8

Here’s a picture of a super easy DIY art display. Yard sticks and binder clips!


I love this little reading corner and how each kid has their own bookshelf/storage unit.


The client ordered these great big desks perfect for doing homework or crafting projects. She also had custom bulletin boards made that will look so great when filled with pictures and artwork.  Those two gray ottomans were bought at Target and can be put under one side of the desks or used for extra seating. She has a huge, beautiful house that needs decorating so I’m hoping to show you the rest of her house!

Some other exciting news is that I’ve been styling some photo shoots with Megan Gery Photography. We’re planning on doing a couple mini shoots per year that are styled by me and photographed by Megan. Here I am at our Holiday shoot…


I couldn’t resist blowing the fake snow we had for the kids. She got some amazing shots!

We are on the verge of making a big decision on whether or not we’re going to stay in our house and remodel or move. We LOVE our neighborhood, just need more square footage. The good news is whichever way we go, I’ll have some house projects to show you. Hopefully they’ll be BIG! I also have my husbands new office, a nursery, Emersyn’s and Audrey’s big girl room, Megan’s house and lots of exciting design adventures coming my way in the near future. What have you been up to?

My friend Lindsay is like a little ray of sunshine. She’s always positive with a sunny disposition.  Her home is a direct reflection of that. Not only does she have great taste, she also shares my love for a good bargain.   I’m so happy she let me photograph it and share it with all of you.

Lindsay's House 001

Super cute house right? To me, curb appeal is very important. It’s kind of like the wrapping on a present.  I like how they used Boxwoods to create a structured walkway.

Lindsay's House 019

The main living/family room. So jealous of their beams and beadboard on the ceiling!

Lindsay's House 047

White leather storage ottomans for kid durability and a cozy shag rug.  I’m always envious of her collection of throw pillows!

Lindsay's House 014

Trellis, monogram and chevron oh my!

Lindsay's House 039

This is the office right off the main living area. Lindsay picked Kendall Charcoal by Benjamin Moore for the walls and used white and turquoise to make it pop.

Lindsay's House 006

If you follow me on Instagram you know I spied these gorgeous lamps at Homegoods and knew they’d be perfect for Lindsay’s office.

Lindsay's House 008

Aren’t they awesome?!

Lindsay's House 022

Their clean and bright dining room.

Lindsay's House 029

Subway art? Yes please!

Lindsay's House 096

I love how the kitchen and dining room look out to the backyard. Brings in so much light!

Lindsay's House 036

Gallery walls galore. I do love me a good gallery wall!

Lindsay's House 050

Lindsay's House 076

Charlie’s hip and modern nursery. I love the orange and lime green with the gray.

Lindsay's House 085

Lindsay's House 087

Very cool birch tree decals and floating shelves from Ikea. Great for displaying all those sweet baby memories and keepsakes.

Lindsay's House 069

I’m obsessed her bedding in the Master! I also like the idea of making a “faux” headboard with art pieces like this.

Lindsay's House 107

Lindsay has a neat collection of modern art including this canvas she painted. So sweet!

Lindsay's House 072

Everyone needs a Picasso naked lady by their bedside.

Lindsay's House 056

Last but not least is her impressive jewelry collection. Makes any girl drool.  I love how she displays it so beautifully, just like being in a boutique.

Lindsay's House 055

Thanks Lindsay for letting us spy on your house!  Doesn’t it just make you happy?

Of summer that is! I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get back in the routine.  My kids have to be kept busy at all times and it will be nice to have a few hours to myself again! Not to mention I LOVE all things Fall so I’m looking forward to my favorite season. With that being said,  I guess I have to throw the towel in on my final home improvement project of the summer, our Master.  I really did have high hopes of finishing off my entire list.  But ninety percent is pretty darn good while trying to be full time supermom as well.  Eventually I’ll get to our bedroom but for now I’ll leave you with my inspiration board.

master bedandoffice

We have some black furniture I had to work with so it was hard to come up with a design that incorporated those pieces but still kept it light and sophisticated.  Speaking of which did you guys see Giuliana Rancic’s office makeover on their show?  Too die for gorgeous and it was mostly all done from Homegoods! You all know that’s my favorite store.  Here’s a picture of the lounge area…

giuliana office2


Next week I’m excited to start a feature called Eye Spy where I take you on tours of my friends homes.  I have so many talented and creative friends that I thought I’d share their awesome design and decorating ideas. Hopefully they will inspire you too!

Come back next week for Eye Spy: A Modern, Chic and Happy Home.  Here’s a sneak peek…

Lindsay's House 104

Finally getting on here to post some of the projects/parties I’ve checked off on my summer to-do list!  For ONCE, I’m feeling pretty satisfied with where I’ve gotten. Shocker I know!  Still have to tackle our master bedroom but I figure there’s still four weeks left so wish me luck :)

{Emersyn’s Reading Canopy}

What started from this…

reading tent

Ended up like this…

reading tent 009

My sweet girl loves it and it took less than an hour and cost twenty bucks!

reading tent 033

{Backyard Revamp}

Carter's 4th Bday 118

New furniture, a nice landscaped hill and some shade.

outdooor chandy3 (2)

A new dining area with the outdoor chandelier.

Carter's 4th Bday 119

New potting area/entertaining shelf (and my mini-lemon tree!)

{Carter’s Birthday Celebration(s)}

Carter's 4th Bday 003

The kid loves himself some fire trucks.  Luckily I enjoy a challenge and always try to make his cake.  Click here to see last year’s!

Carter's 4th Bday 004

I found a cheap vinyl tablecloth and used it as the backdrop for both his parties. (Yes he has two!) I love buying a few new party supplies each year because I re-use them all the time. See those checkered plates?  Those were from the Baby-Q the week before!

Carter's 4th Bday 109  The second cake at the construction party. Four levels of fudge, cake, raspberry and frosting.  Soooo yummy! And no, I did not bake that one!

Carter's 4th Bday 113

See how I just switched out the red for the yellow? Looks pretty boring without all the food but it turned out pretty cute.

Carter's 4th Bday 176

Had to include a shot of my big four year old giving me the look like mooooommm stop!

{The Baby-Q for my Bestie}

baby q

I am so in love with how this party turned out! Super fun and casual just like the parents to be.  Great food, friends and fun! I used my nonna’s lace tablecloths mixed with the red, white and aqua. Turned out perfect!

smores  The most delicious Smore’s cupcakes by Baked by Becky. If you live in the Bay Area, message me for her info!

{Painting My Dark Accent Wall}

paint new

The colors I was playing around with were Sea Salt and Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.  Both too baby blue. Maybe because I’m lazy and didn’t prime first but two coats did the trick! I ended up going with Benjamin Moore Affinity in Tranquility but had the guy at Home Depot take out ten drops of blue.

Carter's 4th Bday 195

It still turned out way more blue than I wanted but I still love it.  The room looks so much brighter and it pares well with the yellow on the other walls.

{New Coffee Table and Kids Table}

See the coffee table above?  That actually was an old coffee table that used to be dark wood. Then I turned it into a bench that looked like this…

toys 004

And back to off white which is where it’s at today. See??? For anyone who says I’m always buying, I’m really not!

Carter's 4th Bday 185

Ok, so I did buy this Ikea table and chairs. I bought it for a client last year and thought it was perfect for this space right under the window.

Whew!! Are you tired just looking at the pictures? I am!  Makes me feel pretty good though to actually be checking things off the “list.”  Another BIGGIE I had on it this summer was to grow my business and I’m happy to say I haaaave!!! I just landed a BIG job and I can’t wait to share details with everyone soon.  Hopefully I’ll have the last of my projects (which is our master) to share with you soon! I also wanted to send a HUGE thank you out to my friend Melissa at Shop Compliment for featuring me on her Soul Series.  Stop by, read my interview and shop her beautiful pieces!  xo