Let me start by saying I am by no means an artist. I don’t buy art, don’t have a lot of it in my house (besides my kids masterpieces) and would never spend a good chunk of money on it. I think it’s pretty, it’s just not my thing. But lately I’ve been wondering if I need a little something in my house. Something besides mirrors and frames and trinkets on my walls.  Specifically something to go over our massive headboard in our bedroom.  I had no idea what I even wanted or where to look.  I take that back, I knew where to look for inspiration. Bet you all know where this is going. So here’s what I saw that I was drawn to…









These all had different things I liked about them.  But what they all had in common was their abstract/impressionist vibe.  Is that a real category all you art lovers?  I contemplated attempting one of these on my own. A canvas, some paint, maybe some gold leaf seems easy enough right?  Not so much. With two busy little ones and our other big project I’m working on=not gonna happen.  Enter my favorite store Homegoods. They had some good choices but only one that really had all the colors I was looking for.  I brought it home just to try with the thought that it would probably go back.  If I’ve learned ANYTHING from my frequent trips to HomeGoods it’s that you should buy it and return it if need be.  Chances are it will be gone the next time you go back! So here she is…


Taupes, metallic, grays yep.

emme loft-art 028

What do you think? It goes with our headboard which is a mushroom brown color and adds a little bit of interest to the boring wall.  For $49.99 I probably couldn’t have even bought the canvas so I feel it’s a win in my book.  Today I’ll hang it and finish up a few other little things in there but our bedroom is finally ALMOST finished! If I have the time one of these days I’d still love to attempt one of the beauties above from Pinterest. Maybe for Emersyn’s big girl room or my office. Do I see an art party in my future?? Who am I?!

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2 Responses to Abstract Art. Buy or DIY?

  1. Mercedes says:

    I like it, but wondering if something in groupings would be better? A string of three next to each other? Like the abstract idea though. Never leave anything at home goods, been burned too many times on that:)

    • Nicole says:

      I agree Mercedes! But I have two mirrors above the dresser to the right, so I thought it might look too cluttered and busy. Hope you guys are doing well! Say hi to the kids for me!

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