Finally getting on here to post some of the projects/parties I’ve checked off on my summer to-do list!  For ONCE, I’m feeling pretty satisfied with where I’ve gotten. Shocker I know!  Still have to tackle our master bedroom but I figure there’s still four weeks left so wish me luck :)

{Emersyn’s Reading Canopy}

What started from this…

reading tent

Ended up like this…

reading tent 009

My sweet girl loves it and it took less than an hour and cost twenty bucks!

reading tent 033

{Backyard Revamp}

Carter's 4th Bday 118

New furniture, a nice landscaped hill and some shade.

outdooor chandy3 (2)

A new dining area with the outdoor chandelier.

Carter's 4th Bday 119

New potting area/entertaining shelf (and my mini-lemon tree!)

{Carter’s Birthday Celebration(s)}

Carter's 4th Bday 003

The kid loves himself some fire trucks.  Luckily I enjoy a challenge and always try to make his cake.  Click here to see last year’s!

Carter's 4th Bday 004

I found a cheap vinyl tablecloth and used it as the backdrop for both his parties. (Yes he has two!) I love buying a few new party supplies each year because I re-use them all the time. See those checkered plates?  Those were from the Baby-Q the week before!

Carter's 4th Bday 109  The second cake at the construction party. Four levels of fudge, cake, raspberry and frosting.  Soooo yummy! And no, I did not bake that one!

Carter's 4th Bday 113

See how I just switched out the red for the yellow? Looks pretty boring without all the food but it turned out pretty cute.

Carter's 4th Bday 176

Had to include a shot of my big four year old giving me the look like mooooommm stop!

{The Baby-Q for my Bestie}

baby q

I am so in love with how this party turned out! Super fun and casual just like the parents to be.  Great food, friends and fun! I used my nonna’s lace tablecloths mixed with the red, white and aqua. Turned out perfect!

smores  The most delicious Smore’s cupcakes by Baked by Becky. If you live in the Bay Area, message me for her info!

{Painting My Dark Accent Wall}

paint new

The colors I was playing around with were Sea Salt and Quiet Moments by Benjamin Moore.  Both too baby blue. Maybe because I’m lazy and didn’t prime first but two coats did the trick! I ended up going with Benjamin Moore Affinity in Tranquility but had the guy at Home Depot take out ten drops of blue.

Carter's 4th Bday 195

It still turned out way more blue than I wanted but I still love it.  The room looks so much brighter and it pares well with the yellow on the other walls.

{New Coffee Table and Kids Table}

See the coffee table above?  That actually was an old coffee table that used to be dark wood. Then I turned it into a bench that looked like this…

toys 004

And back to off white which is where it’s at today. See??? For anyone who says I’m always buying, I’m really not!

Carter's 4th Bday 185

Ok, so I did buy this Ikea table and chairs. I bought it for a client last year and thought it was perfect for this space right under the window.

Whew!! Are you tired just looking at the pictures? I am!  Makes me feel pretty good though to actually be checking things off the “list.”  Another BIGGIE I had on it this summer was to grow my business and I’m happy to say I haaaave!!! I just landed a BIG job and I can’t wait to share details with everyone soon.  Hopefully I’ll have the last of my projects (which is our master) to share with you soon! I also wanted to send a HUGE thank you out to my friend Melissa at Shop Compliment for featuring me on her Soul Series.  Stop by, read my interview and shop her beautiful pieces!  xo

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One Response to The Race to the Finish (Of Summer That Is!)

  1. Megan Gery says:

    Wow!!! Nicole you have been busy this summer!!! Everything looks amazing as always and I always look forward to these post! Keep it up! Its all looking great!


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